Would You Like To Know More About Tummy Tucks?

The tummy tuck is a surgical and cosmetic procedure that circles around tightening the stomach muscles to slim down the waistline.  Just like you would fold your clothing, when you have a tummy tuck you are essentially tucking the skin you don't want to see underneath the skin you want to show.  Of course, it is a lot more complicated than that, but it gives you are decent idea of what is going on.

As the surgeon starts the tummy tuck process, they will make two small incisions on the person's hip bone around the pubic area and another one around the belly button to release it to be reattached later in a new position.   Then, in order to get to the muscle underneath, the skin is going to be separated from the person's torso.  This exposed stomach muscle is what the baltimore cosmetic surgeon will stitch in order to make tighten and reshape the waist line.  As a result of tightening up this muscle and actually stitching it in place gives new definition to the lower waist line and forms a new, smaller waistline.

Now that you know the definition of a tummy tuck and what it implies, it may not actually sound that cute anymore, but a patient who is considered a tummy tuck needs to know all that goes on, in order to make a better informed decision.  Actually, those patients that take the time to know and understand the baltimore plastic surgeon procedure have a better and shorter time of recovery, because they understand not to push themselves to hard.  Even so, remember, any cosmetic surgery will take time to heal from and tummy tucks take some of the most time out of all cosmetic surgeries.  This is absolutely because the procedure takes place on a part of the body that is moved and used no matter what you do.  The first couple of days after the surgery will be the worst and you will certainly be uncomfortable because of the natural bruising and swelling you will experience.

The good news is that generally four to five days is all it takes for the incisions to heal and take out the stitches, but this does not mean the patient should return to life as normal, because the inside of your body is not done healing yet.  Once the stitches are taken out, there is still quite a bit of healing to be done.